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Dragon Checkers

We are so proud to announce the launch of our first StoryBoy game – Dragon Checkers, for the iPad. The game will be available in the App Store starting June 30 for $1.99.

Inspired by StoryBoy’s All About Dragons book, Dragon Checkers is a themed twist on the traditional checkers board game – complete with dragon pieces and dragon roars! If you already have the book app, then you’ll recognize many of the dragon characters in the game. And if you don’t have the book but have the game, then maybe you should consider getting the book to find out more fun and interesting facts about each of the dragons that are featured in the game!

We have promo codes to give out for the iPad game and the iPhone book so leave us a comment if you’d like one! First five to do so will get a code. Offer ends July 4. Please indicate which app you’d like a code for.

*Note that codes can only be redeemed in the U.S. iTunes store.

The coolest checker board ever

All About Dragons (for iPhone)

Dragon Checkers (for iPad)


A book for and about children with cancer

We’re so excited that our book The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose has finally been approved by Apple and is available for sale in the iTunes store starting May 20!

The approval process was a little longer than we expected because we learned the hard way that Apple is pretty sticky about how a fund-raising app is marketed in the App Store. As such we couldn’t make any mention of the fact that we are donating all of StoryBoy’s proceeds from the sale of this app to the Children’s Cancer Foundation in iTunes, but we can shout about it on our blog!

The Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) is a non-profit organisation impassioned with the mission to improve the quality of lives of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being.

100% of StoryBoy’s revenue from the sale of The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose will be donated to the CCF as a sign of our support for the important work that they do with the children and families whose lives are affected by cancer.

To find out more about the book, view our video here.

You can also download the app here for $0.99 and contribute to a great cause.

All sales proceeds benefit the Children's Cancer Foundation

We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest book The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose. The book is dedicated to all the kids, families and caregivers whose lives have been touched by cancer. All sales proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation so spread the word and put down $0.99 for a great cause!

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Tomorrow, April 22, is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a great time to learn about our planet, how to take care of it and to encourage kids to think about it and take little steps that can make a difference.

So we’re giving away our Erika Knows Green: Water Conservation book free from April 22-23 in the iTunes App Store, to encourage you to spread the green message.

Please download the book and tell your family and friends about it.

Erika Knows Green

It’s App Friday again and we are delighted to be part of a New York City-themed promo with iKidNY. App Friday is a weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps by Moms with Apps.

Today’s App Friday theme is New York City so if you are planning a trip to the Big Apple or live in the city, now is your chance to pick up three FREE apps for and about the city!

  1. iKidNY is an app developed by a New York City mom. It helps you find kid-friendly locations while you are out and about in the city.
  2. StoryBoy’s A Day in New York City with Noah – follow Noah and his family as they explore the sights of New York City in this animated book that is great if you’re planning a trip to the city with kids!
  3. StoryBoy’s A Day in New York City with Kids – a companion travel guide to our story book that gives visitor information on the sights that Noah visits and more!


Check out the new section for kids’ activities on the main StoryBoy website. There are coloring pages of popular characters and we’ll be adding more characters and activities in the coming weeks to keep your kids entertained!

Leave us a comment if there is a special character your child loves and we’ll add it to our list of future activity pages!

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StoryBoy launches on iPhones and iPod touches everywhere!

StoryBoy launches today!

StoryBoy is now available for download on iPhones and iPod touches everywhere.  Click here to get the app!

For more information click Press Release.


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