We’ve just released our newest book All About Dragons! It is a week early because we were super excited that Apple approved the app so quickly and wanted to share it with everyone during the long Memorial Day holiday weekend.

All About Dragons is our most fun and interactive book to date. There are hidden facts and mysteries to reveal throughout the book. We were inspired to create the app after watching How to train your dragon with our son and his cousins. The kids ranged in age from 5-11 and they were enthralled with the movie. The adults thought it was pretty cool too.

Shortly after watching the movie, I acquired a number of apps and other dragon paraphernalia to satiate my 5-year-old son’s demands for stories and information on dragons.  Our son’s interest in dragons inspired us to create All About Dragons. We even let him advise us on what he thought would be pertinent content for the book. The result was this unbiased first review after he tested the app for the first time – “Awesome!”

This book is designed for the iPhone but we’ve tried it out on the iPad and it works really well, if not better, because there of the larger iPad screen. Kids can pour over the detailed dragon notes that look as though they have been scribbled in the book.  We recommend that you download this app to your iPad if you have one so that the kids can enjoy a big screen version.

By the way, if you enjoy this book, look out for our next app, which is inspired by All About Dragons. It’s a dragon-inspired board game for kids and will be hitting the App Store this summer!

Drop us a comment on this blog if you would like a promo code for our latest book. Note that codes are only valid for use in the US iTunes store.

View a short video on the book here!